Flower Arrangements that Don’t Need Vases


To vase or not to vase, that is the question. Do flowers need vases? Most often than not, the answer is yes, especially with fresh cut flowers. But as German artist-photographer Diana Scherer illustrates with her “Nurture Studies,” sometimes the flowers are even more beautiful without the constraints of a vase.

diana scherer nurture studies

diana scherer nurture studies

Through the course of six months, she nurtured the growth of flowers from seed in the confines of a vase. During that time, Scherer carefully monitors the plant, making sure the roots are developing properly. At the end of the process when the plant is at its peak, she breaks the vase to reveal the hidden beauty- the intricate and delicate soil and root structure. Impressively, the roots are able to retain their shape, despite the lack of support.

diana scherer nurture studies

diana scherer, nurture studies

These photos are taken at the peak of the plant’s existence, just before they start to brown and die. Scherer was inspired by the illustrations from 17th century botanical encyclopaedias. which often included the roots.

To see more of Diana’s Scherer’s work, visit her website.


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