The Lollipop Plant/Golden Shrimp Plant

pachystachys lutea, lollipop-plant, golden-shrimp plant

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Scientific name: Pachystachys lutea (pachys, meaning large; stachys meaning spike)

Whether you call it the lollipop plant or the golden shrimp plant, this plant is definitely unusual. The golden shrimp plant, native to Peru,  is a soft-stemmed evergreen shrub. This tropical plant is known for its bright yellow overlapping bracts, which resemble shrimp scales (hence the common name).

Along with its shiny green leaves, gardeners grow this plant for its long white showy flowers, which bloom from spring until the end of summer.  These plants would be ideal in garden beds, planted together in masses or used as a border. The plant reaches a height of 2-3 ft tall.

As a cultivated plant,  it needs plenty of light and moist, nutrient-rich soil to bloom. Water regularly. It is also a good idea to pinch off the growing tips to encourage branching and bushiness. Regular pruning is needed to control the growth of the plant or it will get too be too tall and leggy.

It is also suitable to grow this as an indoor houseplant. Choose a warm, humid and sunny location for the best results.

You can also propagate by cutting the stems. The lollipop plant is a hardy perennial that will last several years given the proper growing conditions. If the plant isn’t thriving, it’s probably due to insufficient light and warmth.

Climate Zones: 9-11

Fun Flower Facts:

  • In traditional medicine, the lollipop plant has been used to treat fever, coughs, colds and hair loss
  • Its scientific name means large spike (pachys, meaning large; stachys meaning spike)

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  1. Jack Scheffers says:

    Does somebody know where I can buy cuttings?
    Or can somebody tell a email addres of a grower?
    Send it to me


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