Fun Flower Facts: Poinsettias

red poinsettia potted plant from Grower Direct Fresh Cut FlowersIt’s that time of the year again! Christmas is coming! You know how I know? Poinsettias are everywhere! These colourful plants are in homes and businesses, adding colour and holiday cheer everywhere! Poinsettias come in a variety of colours, including red, yellow, purple, white and pink. Some are even bi-coloured! They are easy to care for and last a long time!

Here are some fun facts about the poinsettia:

  • there are over 100 white poinsettia plant from Grower Direct Fresh Cut flowersvarieties of poinsettia available
  • poinsettias are native to Mexico and can be found in deciduous tropical forests
  • the plant was named after botanist Joel R. Poinsett, who introduced the plant into the USA from Mexico
  • poinsettias contain a milky sap, that can be a skin irritant
  • the flowers are the tiny yellow clusters in the centre of the plant, not the petal-like leaves called bracts, that we often mistaken as flowers
  • the bracts were once used for dye
  • of all the colours available, the tradition red poinsettia is still the top seller!
  • poinsettias are just another pretty plant; they can also remove pollutants from the air
  • National Poinsettia Day is celebrated on Dec 12th
  • poinsettias are not posionous, but that doesn’t mean you should eat them

Poinsettias make great Christmas gifts! They come a variety of sizes and colours. You can buy them conveniently online at

To learn more about poinsettias, visit these pages:

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