Winter 2013 Flower Trends

As much as people may hate the cold, harsh temperatures, winter can enjoyable. You can make a snowman, go skiing, skating, snowboarding, and tobogganing, just to name a few winter activities. And as a matter of fact, many brides choose to have a winter wedding. There is something magical and romantic about this time of the year, especially when flowers are around!

Flowers add colour and life to an otherwise dull, and dreadful environment. Whether you are planning your wedding or you just want to brighten up your home or office, here are some of the top trends this winter:

Metallics. A touch of silver, gold or bronze adds shine and a fresh, modern twist to winter floral arrangements. Consider adding brooches and other sparkling accents.

flowers with brooches

Photo credit:

Texture. Pine cones, lotus pods, twigs and other unexpected materials add texture and interest. Anything goes!

flowers with texture

Photo via Pinterest

Winter whites. “A winter wonderland” theme has always been popular, as the colour white is so classic and chic. It never goes out of style! For a modern twist, consider using different shades of whites, like ivory and cream. Classic white flowers include: amaryllis, calla lilies, orchids, tulips and anemones.


Photo via pinterest

Golden Yellows. Golden yellow flowers add warmth and a touch of colour to floral arrangements. It can be used as a dominant colour or an accent colour. Yellow flowers include roses, calla lily, dahlias, ranunculus and asiatic lilies.

golden yellow wedding flowers

Photo via Pinterest

Velvet. Velvet wrapped bouquets are luxurious and elegant. And there is something so special about the soft texture that is so perfect for winter.

velvet wrapped flowers

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8 Responses to Winter 2013 Flower Trends

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  6. scentednarcissi says:

    Great Blog post, but we can’t believe you missed out Scented Narcissi as one of your Winter Flowers! We have whites, creams and yellows this time of the year and they look (and smell) gorgeous in bouquets and Christmas centre pieces! Here’s a collection of images we’ve been collecting


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