Larger than Life Flower Sculptures Take Over the World!

What is big, bold and beautiful and taking over the world, one city at a time?

That would be the giant, larger than life, 15 feet tall flower sculptures created by world-renowned artist Ana Tzarev!

These brightly, coloured flowers are made out of fiberglass and weighs 700 pounds! Ana Tzarev created the flowers with the intent to spread the universal messages of: peace, love and understanding. By placing the visually stunning flowers in high traffic areas where millions of people can see them as they go about their daily lives, she hopes that she can bring people together on a global scale and inspire them with a feeling of love and peace.

In a few short months, she has already seen the impact the flowers have made in the cities. When it first when on display, “It caused quite a stir. Hundreds of people were attracted to the sculpture. They wanted to touch it and be seen with it.”

In the new year, she is planning on releasing a special App to allow people all over the world to view the flowers in real time and leave messages. They can also communicate via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The flowers will be installed in several countries around the world. The first three flowers have already appeared in Shezhen, New York and London. The next installation is scheduled for Rome in the new year.

love and art sculpture peace flower by ana tzarev

photo via

Ana Tzarev is a 75 year old artist from Croatia, whose work is greatly influenced by the form, colour and symbolic meaning of flowers. She has been a full time artist for 25 years. To see more of her work, visit her website.

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