How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

a collection of herbsMore and more people are growing indoor herb gardens. In fact, you could  might even say it’s a trend.

Herb gardens are a great way to bring some colour and life to your home. They will freshen the air with a wonderful aroma! And most importantly, you can use these flavourful herbs to create the most delicious dishes!

An indoor herb garden is great for beginners! Herbs are easy to grow and don’t take up a lot of space. All you need is a sunny window and a starter plant from the garden center. Or if you have the time and patience, you could start from seed.


  • Place potted herbs near a sunny window, perhaps in the kitchen. The herbs will do best with at least 6 hours of sunlight.
  • Many herbs prefer moderate to poor soil. In fact, they tend to develop a stronger flavour in poor soil.
  • Water regularly and make sure the pots have good drainage. You can place small rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the pot. Stagnant water can cause the roots to rot.
  • Rotate pots to allow plants to grow evenly on all sides.
  • In drier climates, it’s a good idea to mist the plants with water from time to time.
  • Herbs can also be grown hydroponically (in water), instead of in soil. Hydroponic herb garden kits are available at your local garden center.
  • Wait until plants to reach 6-8 inches in height before harvesting them and only take a quarter of the plant at a time.
  • After snipping, be sure to wait for the plant to grow back before harvesting again.
  • Remember, the more you cut, the more the plants will grow!

Herbs You Can Grow:

  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Dill
  • Oregano
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Lavender

You can start with the herbs that you use most often in the kitchen. Choose your favourite herbs. Get growing!

About Connor Lowry

I love flowers! I enjoy writing about them as well as gardening. Mostly I love finding new and unique flower gardening ideas I encourage you to post regularly on this blog, and send in guest blogs or ideas for new blogs as well. New and exciting blogs are always welcome I intend to post a lot of interesting facts and fun stuff about flowers, as well as info on many varieties of flowers.
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