Fun Flower Facts: Lilac

syringa vulgarisScientific name: Syringa vulgaris (sir-IN-ga vul-GAH-ris)!

Lilac is a genus of about 25 flowering deciduous trees native to southeastern Europe and eastern Asia. Trees range from a  height of  2 m to 10 m tall. (~6 to 10 ft).  Lilacs are beloved flowers valued for their clusters of  strongly fragrant blooms.

You will know it’s spring when you see and smell lilacs in the air! They are popular ornamental plants that can be found in public parks and gardens all around the world, as they are fast growing and don’t require much maintenance. In fact, less pruning will result in more blooms!

Besides lilac, flowers come in a variety of colours, including: white, pale yellow, red and pink. The blooming period is early spring. However, as beautiful and aromatic as the flowers are, unfortunately, the blooms only last for 2-3 weeks. They will perform best in sunny locations, protected from the wind and cold in well-drained soils.

Lilacs make excellent cut flowers. Flowers should be harvested as soon as they start to open. They are often used to add colour, texture and fragrance to arrangements. They are  especially popular in hand- tied bridal bouquets. With the proper care, cut lilacs will last 7-10 days. Remove foliage and avoid direct sunlight or heat sources for a longer vase life. Lilacs would also benefit from an occasional misting. Commercially grown lilacs are available all year round, while domestic growers sell them from February to November.

Fun Flower Facts about Lilac:

  • Lilacs belong to the same family as the olive (Oleaceae).
  • The purple lilacs have the strongest scent compared to other colours.
  • Lilacs are commonly used in soaps, perfumes and other cosmetics.
  • Wood from the lilac tree is amongst the densest and can be used to make musical instruments, knife handles and more!
  • In the language of flowers, purple lilacs represent first love, while white lilacs symbolize youthful innocence.
  • In Greece, Lebanon and Cyrus, the lilac is a symbol of Easter
  • The lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire, USA
  • There are annual lilac festivals in North America cities.
  • Lilacs are edible.

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