Bees and Flowers Communicate Using Electricity

bee pollinating flowerFlowers can’t talk. That’s why they have to rely on their physical attributes, such as colour, shape, pattern and scent to attract pollinators.

And now in a recent research study, scientists at Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences have found that flowers and bees use electricity as a communication tool. Specifically, since bees already have an electrical charge from flying in the air and flowers are electrically connected to the ground, they can use electricity to communicate with one another.

When a positively charged bee lands on a negatively charged flower, it creates an electrical spark. The research has shown that the electric fields from the flowers play an active role in attracting pollinators.  In fact, pollen will pop up to catch the bee’s attention, even before the bee has landed!

In addition, the scientists believe that the bees will remember the connection, thus helping them find successful sources of pollen and nectar. Since bees have a tendency to visit the same type of flower until nectar runs out, they seem to be able to distinguish between different flower shapes and figure out if the flower has been recently visited by other bees.

Notably, many animals can sense electric fields, including: sharks, sting rays, and platypuses.  This is first time anyone has documented the ability in an insect.

To read more on the story visit: National Geographic

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