Introducing the First Purple Leaved Hydrangea Plant

Hydrangea- Plum Passion

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You may have seen hydrangeas before-those big, pink or blue flower ball heads with attractive green leaves, but you haven’t seen hydrangeas like these!

Monrovia, a wholesale plant grower, is introducing Americans to the first ever purple-leaved hydrangea- The “Plum Passion Hydrangea”, where the foliage is a dark purple one the one side and a lighter purple colour on the underside.

Hydrangeas are typically grown for their attractive, showy flower heads, but when it comes to the “Plum Passion Hydrangea,” the foliage will be the center of attention! In fact, when the plant blooms light pink flowers in the summer, they pale in comparison to the dramatic, distinctive foliage. The leaves are deciduous and will change from purple to reds and yellows in the fall.  It will grow to a height of 5-6ft tall.

This ornamental plant would look great in a cottage or woodland garden. Use as a border plant in the garden or as a container plant. Plant in full to partial shade. Water regularly.

The Plum Passion Hydrangea (Hydrangea aspera) was first discovered in China and was brought back by plant explorer, Dan Hinkley.

Climate zones: 7-10

For more information on where you can buy this plant, visit:

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9 Responses to Introducing the First Purple Leaved Hydrangea Plant

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  6. Dustytoes says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of the hydrangea plant with purple leaves. I may never see one in person since they don’t grow in my area.


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