How to Plant Bare Root Roses

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Early spring is the ideal time to plant perennials, like roses. Bare root roses are a popular choice for gardeners. Bare root roses are dormant roses that sold without soil or any foliage and are typically available from November to April. They don’t look like much when you first buy them, but they will bloom beautifully!

In addition, bare root roses are often less expensive than container roses; there are more varieties to choose from and they’re easy grow! Here’s a guide on how to plant bare root roses.

Materials required:

  • bare foot rose plant
  • container for soaking roses
  • pruning shears
  • shovel
  • hose or watering can
  • compost/manure or other fertilizer


  1. Cut off any broken or damaged roots or branches. Soak the roots of the bare root rose plant in cold water in a large container for up to 24 hours to replenish their moisture lost during transportation and storage.
  2. Pick a sunny location, where the plant can get at least 6 hours of sunlight. Dig a large, deep hole in the ground. Dig the edges deeper to help the roots penetrate into the soil. Add compost or manure until it forms a mound.
  3. Position the bare root rose on the soil mound. In warmer climates, the bud union (the knobby portion of the plant between the roots and the stem) should be at or just above ground level. In colder climates, the bud union should be 1-2″ below ground level.
  4. Add more soil around the roots, filling the hole.
  5. Water the soil thoroughly and add more soil.
  6. To keep the plant moist, cover the canes (the branches) with a mound of soil. Water every few days. The mound can removed when buds start to sprout-about 2-3 weeks.

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