Scientists Develop Robot Bees to Help Pollinate Flowers

Scientists everywhere are buzzing with excitement! Scientists may have found the solution to the drastic decline in the honeybee population, which affects the global ecosystem and agriculture industry in a significant way. The situation has become so dire that a team of scientists from Harvard and Northeastern University have taken matters into their own hands to create the “Robobee”, a bee-sized robot that will be able to pollinate flowers.

Robobee uses microrobotic technology to mimic the behaviour of a real bee. The Robobee has flapping wings. It can also take off on its own power and it can be programmed to pitch and roll.

Here is a video of the RoboBee in action:

Ultimately, they hope that they can re-create the behaviour of a colony of bees. A large number of robots, as opposed to a single one, can increase the effectiveness and the frequency of pollination. In other words, more flowers can be targeted in a shorter time frame.

Besides pollination, the technology could be applied to other areas including: search and rescue, hazardous environmental exploration, climate mapping and traffic monitoring.

For more info on the RoboBees, visit:

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