Fun Flower Facts: Glory in the Snow (Chionodoxa)

Chionodoxa; glory in the snowCan’t wait for the spring flowers to bloom? You may not have to wait much longer, if you have glory in the snow in your garden! Glory in the Snow (Chionodoxa) is one of the earliest blooming flowers in the spring and they will even bloom through the snow, hence the name.

Glory in the snow is a bulbous plant that produces small, dainty star-shaped flowers. Blue is the most common colour, but some are available in pink and white, with the center white. Each bulb produces 5-10 blooms on brown stems.

The blue ones are often confused with the similar looking Scilla plant, another a blue, star-shaped flower. To differentiate the two, look at the center of the flower. Glory in the snow will have flatten stamens and also the petals are joined together in the center. The plant is native to snowy alpine regions of Turkey, Crete and Cyprus and is extremely hardy! In fact, the plant prefers cold climates.

Early in the spring, their grass-like foliage will start start to appear, and by March or early April, the tiny star-shaped flowers will start to bloom. Plants grow to be a height of 4-6 inches tall. Generally, the colder the weather, the longer they will last. But typically, these flowers will last 2-3 weeks, with the foliage dying in the summer.

They are a great addition to the garden, especially since they are super easy to grow. Glory in the snow will both self-seed and produce new bulbs. Plant in full to partial sun in well-drained soil.  These low growing flowers would be ideal in rock gardens and underneath deciduous trees. And since they spread quickly, they are often grown as ground covers.

Glory in the snow can be planted with other early bloomers like hellebores, primroses, narcissi and snowdrops.

Climate Zones: 3-9

Fun Facts about Glory in the Snow:

  • the name Chionodoxa is made up of 2 Greek words: “Chion” meaning snow and “doxa” for glory
  • the tiny flowers can be used to make “nosegays” or small flower bouquets

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