How to Care for a Potted Cyclamen Plant

Potted Cyclamen from Grower Direct Fresh Cut FlowersLooking for a  houseplant that is easy to care for and produces attractive flowers ? Grow cyclamens! Cyclamen, which is part of the primrose family,  is a popular houseplant with beautiful up swept flowers in shades of red, white, purple or pink that blooms in the winter.

The varieties grown as houseplants are native to the Mediterranean,  and would thrive in moist, cool conditions. Cyclamens can be purchased at a local garden center from September to December. Choose plants with most closed buds, for long lasting blooms.

Here is a guide to taking care of your potted cyclamen plant:

  1. Plant your cyclamen in a mixture of soil, compost or well-rotted manure.
  2. In the winter, place plant in bright, but indirect light. In the summer, when the plant is dormant, keep it out of bright light.
  3. Cyclamens do best in humid environments, especially in the winter. Keep the plant on a tray of water with a layer of pebbles. Do not let the plant sit in the water. You could also mist the plant with water several times a week.
  4. Keep plant away from drafts and hot, dry air. Warm dry rooms will cause the plant to wilt and collapse.
  5. Feed it a low-nitrogen fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.
  6. During its growing period, water whenever the soil feels dry. Avoid getting water on the center of the leaves.  As the flowers begin to fade, allow the plant to dry out for 2-3 months, as it is going into dormancy and doesn’t require any water or nutrients. Excess water can cause root rot.
  7. In the summer, keep the dormant plant in  a cool, dark spot with good air circulation. Check the cyclamen to see if the tuber has outgrown the pot. If so, late summer is the best time to re-pot with fresh soil.
  8. Remove any dead leaves and flowers. Be sure to remove the entire flower or leaf stalk, as any leftover parts could cause rot.
  9. Once the cyclamen has finished its dormant cycle, you can start watering and feeding it again. Once the leaves start growing again, you can resume normal cyclamen care.

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