Fun Flower Facts: Trillium

Ontario Provincial Flower White TrilliumTrillium, also known as wake robin or trinity flower, is a perennial flowering plant native to temperate regions of North America and Asia. The plant will bloom from April-June. Flowers can be white, pink, yellow or purple.

The genus name refers to the fact nearly all parts of the plant comes in threes. It has 3 broad leaves on each stalk, 3 small green sepals and 3 large white sepals (petal-like structures) surrounding a group of yellow stamens.  It also has three-sectioned seedpods. When the flowers mature, they will produce red, brown or purple berries.

It is not a commonly cultivated plant because it only thrives in a particular environment: woodland areas with leafy shade above and leaf mold below.  As well, they do not transplant well from the wild. Trillium are grown from rhizomes, bulb-like seed pods. It needs well-drained, humus-rich soil. The best time to plant is from late summer to early fall. Divide mature clumps in the fall and replant as soon as possible.

Trillium would be excellent companions for other shade-loving flowers, including ferns, phlox, hosta, toad lily, and jack-in-the-pulpit.

Climate Zones: 3-9

Fun Facts about Trillium

  • The name wake robin comes from the fact that there are some trilliums that will  bloom early in the spring, even before robins return to their nests.
  • Trillium is the official provincial flower of Ontario.
  • The large white trillium is the official wildflower of Ohio.
  • Trillium is pollinated by ants.
  • If the flowers and leaves are picked, the plant can die, as it won’t have enough energy to survive through the winter.
  • Some species are listed as threatened or endangered.
  • In some places, such as Michigan, Minnesota and New York, removing trillium from the wild is considered illegal.
  • Native American Indians used the roots for medicinal purposes and they also ate the leaves as vegetables.
  • Trillium is a favourite food for white-tailed deer.
  • In folklore, trillium symbolizes modest beauty.

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