Best Flowers to Give to Allergy Sufferers

Flowers are the perfect gift any occasion from birthdays to sympathy, lifting up spirits and bring joy and smiles all around! Everybody loves flowers! Well, actually that isn’t exactly true.  Flowers can be a source of suffering for some. Specifically, the pollen in some flowers can trigger annoying allergy symptoms of sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes and more!

That being said, there are many flowers that won’t trigger allergy symptoms. Generally speaking, the less scent a flower has, the less pollen it contains. Flowers that are highly scented usually contain more pollen, and thus are the ones to blame for allergies.

Here is a list of the best flowers to send allergy sufferers.


Everyone loves roses. These beautiful flowers are romantic and classy! The pollen inside the roses is too large and heavy to become airborne. Roses are a safe bet, but it’s best to avoid varieties with strong fragrances.

The Traditional Rose Bouquet- 36 Roses from


Roses too expensive for you? Try carnations instead! Carnations are safe for allergy sufferers. Flowers come in a range of colours, just like roses!

red carnation


The exotic orchid is another great choice, as it contains very little pollen. They are available as cut flowers or as a potted plants. Orchids come in a rainbow of colours.

Lavender Orchid Potted Plant


These beautiful spring blooms are great for allergy sufferers. The bright, vibrant blooms will definitely bring an smile to the recipient!

Narcissus (Daffodils)


Begonias popular plants that everyone can enjoy and they are easy to take care of it! They can be cultivated as a houseplant or planted outdoors in the garden.



The tulip, a beloved springtime flower, is another great choice for those with allergies. Tulips are available in many colours. A big bouquet of tulips will bring joy and happiness.

pink tulips

Flowers that should be avoided: jasmine, sunflowers, Asiatic lilies, cherry/apple blossoms, and daisies.

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