Best Flowering Houseplants for Mother’s Day

So while we still think flowers are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, we think that houseplants are another great choice! First of all, houseplants are longer lasting than fresh cut flowers. Secondly, houseplants are known to clean the indoor air. Third, taking care of houseplants will help mothers relieve stress and to create calm and relaxing environment. Houseplants are truly the perfect Mother’s Day gift, especially for mothers with green thumbs!

Here are the best flowering plants for Mother’s Day (or any other day of the year!) :

Chrysanthemumchrysanthemum plant

The chrysanthemum or mum is one of the most popular Mother’s Day gift. Mothers seem to enjoy these bright, colourful blooms! The potted mums available in stores this time of the year are forced to flower all year around. They can also be replanted outside in a bright and sunny location in well-drained soil.  They are hardy and easy to take care of. Be sure to deadhead to increase the number of blooms.

African VioletsAfrican violets

The African violet is the perfect gift for beginner gardeners because it is one of the easiest houseplants to take care of and can tolerate a low light environment. Plus, the plant produces attractive, long lasting blooms all year round and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It does best in humid environments. Keep soil moist, but not soggy. Your mother can even easily share her plant with her friends. Propagation is as easy as rooting a single leaf.


Begonia plantBegonias are another good choice, especially for people that tend to forget to water their plants. These shade-loving plants produce attractive flowers and foliage without much maintenance. They are drought tolerant and don’t need a lot of water. In fact, you should only water when the soil is dry to the touch. Place in a bright, but indirect spot with high humidity.  To increase the blooms and to maintain its tidy, compact shape,  be sure to deadhead. Begonias are also easy to propagate. Just cut off a branch and plant in soil.

KalanchoeKalanchoe potted plant

Another houseplant that doesn’t require much watering is the kalanchoe. This heat loving plant prefers its soil to be on the dry side. Place it in bright, but indirect lift in a warm environment. Water only when the soil feels dry; overwatering can cause crown rot and mildew. The blooms will last a long time, and can re-bloom with some time and patience.


Lavender Orchid Potted PlantDuring the Mother’s Day season, many potted orchid plants go on sale. These beautiful, exotic flowers will add colour and beauty to any home! Orchids may seem intimidating to take care of, but they are not as high maintenance as you would think. There are are many different orchid plants to choose from, but the Phalenopsis or moth orchid, is among the easiest to take care of.  As tropical plant, it does best in a humid environment. The orchids will stay in bloom for a long time and can re-bloom.

Get one of these plants for your mother today! They are readily available at any florist or garden center.

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