The Amazing Flower and Sand Carpets at the Corpus Christi Festival in La Orotava

What do you get when you put flowers and sand together? If you were in the villa of La Orotava, Teberife, Spain,  you would get amazing pieces of artwork!

Thousands of visitors from around the world travel to La Orotava to take in the popular, well-known Corpus Christi Festival, specifically to look at the incredible carpets (called alfombras) with intricate designs made of fresh, fragrant flower petals and naturally coloured volcanic sand brought down from Mount Teide.

During the festival, there are about 30 flower carpets that line the major streets. But the main attraction is the largest, most impressive carpet displayed in the town hall plaza in La Orotava. It is truly a breathtaking and awe-inspiring sight! This special carpet will display 3 unique biblical scenes (that will change each year) for visitors to enjoy! The massive artwork takes up 947 square meters (3107 ft) of space and is made with over 1 700 kg (3748 lbs) of sand!

This year, the festival was held on June 6th, 2013. Here is a short video clip of the 2013 main Corpus Christi flower carpet in La Orotava.

Isn’t it just incredible?

The carpets are made the day of the festival. It is a tradition for men and children to draw the outline of the design on the streets, while women fill the designs in with the flower petals.

And just like the transient nature of flowers, the flower carpets only lasts a day. By the evening, the carpets are trampled over during a religious procession.

La Orotava isn’t the only place that celebrate the Corpus Christi with flower carpets. Corpus Christi has been celebrated for the past 300 years, with many places in Europe with their own flower carpet traditions.

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One Response to The Amazing Flower and Sand Carpets at the Corpus Christi Festival in La Orotava

  1. The show-stealer of the festival is the 850 square metre volcanic sand tapestry which fills the plaza outside the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall). Created from soils collected within Teide National Park, the intricate religious iconography usually commemorates a special event or delivers a powerful moral message and is never anything less than awesome. But spectacular as it is, the tapestry is not the only display at this vast Tenerife flower show. The streets that surround Iglesia de La Concepción and form a circuit between the church, the Town Hall and Las Casas de Los Balcones are transformed into beautiful carpets of rainbow coloured petals. From early morning until after the evening Corpus Christi procession has completed its journey to the church, the whole town is imbued with a fairytale atmosphere of what I can only describe as “˜joy’.


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