Best Drought Tolerant Annuals For Your Garden

If you live in places like Nevada, Arizona and Texas, the summers are typically hot and dry. But the extreme heat doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy beautiful flowers in your garden. There are many  flowers that can tolerate the heat and drought. We love annuals because they are usually more colourful and often showier than perennials. And even if you don’t live in a climate where the summers are hot and dry, you can still grow these flowers to help conserve water and help the environment! Here are our picks for the best drought tolerant annuals.


Sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers you can grow in your garden, especially if you live in a hot and dry climate. These flowers thrive in the heat and growing them is as easy as sowing the seeds and watching them grow into those giant, happy flowers we all know and love. Sunflowers come in various colours, forms and sizes. They also make wonderful cut flowers. And course, there are many varieties with edible (and nutritious) seeds!


zinnia flowerZinnias, which originated from Mexico, are heat-loving flowers that will add colour and beauty to your summer garden. Gardeners love them because they are very drought tolerant and can handle the scorching hot temperatures of summer. In fact, zinnias will wait for the weather to warm up before blooming. These daisy-like flowers come in many bright colours like red, pink, yellow and orange; they also vary in forms (i.e single or double bloom) and sizes. Deadhead to keep them blooming longer.

Statice (Limonium)

Statice or LimoniumStatice or Limonium is another flower that does well in hot and dry climates. These pretty papery flowers will add texture, colour and height to your summer garden. Flowers come in assorted colours, like orange, yellow, blue, violet, white and pink. Along with being drought tolerant, it is easy to grow and care for. These long lasting flowers will bloom from late summer to mid fall. Statice, with their tall and sturdy stems, make them a popular cut flower that can be used in fresh or dried arrangements.


strawflowerStrawflowers, which are native to the hot climate of Australia, are daisy-like flowers with papery petals.  They thrive in sandy soils and do best in full sun. Despite the name, strawflowers aren’t the colour of straw. In fact, the flowers come in many vivid shades, including, yellow, pink, orange and purple. Plant in masses in the garden for the best impact. Along with being wonderful garden plants, strawflowers  make beautiful, long lasting cut flowers for both fresh and dried arrangements!


Verbena flowersVerbenas are easy to grow plants that produce long lasting clumps of colourful flowers, adding colour and texture to your summer landscape. The flowers, which come in purple, white, pink, red or white, will bloom all summer long and will attract butterflies. Not only are they heat and drought tolerant, these sun loving flowers are also carefree! In fact, overfeeding and overwatering can be problematic. Verbenas would be ideal for rock gardens or as edging and borders in the garden beds. Plant in full sun in sandy, well drained soil. Trailing varieties would be perfect for containers. Deadhead to encourage flowers to bloom.

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  8. karmaquinta says:

    Since moving to Portugal I have had to change the way I garden. I love Sunflowers, but sadly have had no success here . . . I think my soil is too poor – it is very rocky. But the other flowers you mention . . . do seem happy here.


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