Creating a Cutting Garden

flowers in a cutting garden

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As many gardeners will tell you, picking fresh flowers from the garden to create beautiful arrangements for the home or for friends and family is one of the many joys of gardening. Unfortunately, when the flowers are cut and removed, the garden will look bare and unattractive. So what are gardeners to do? The solution is to creating a designated “cutting garden,” where the flowers are grown with the intention of being cut.

Since the flowers are meant to be cut and not for display, there’s no need to worry about the design or whether the flowers will look good together. In other words, it doesn’t matter how your cutting garden will look. You can simply plant your favourite flowers and wait until they are ready to be cut!

Here are some tips for creating a successful cutting garden:

  • The garden can be grown anywhere you like, as long as it has lots of sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Add compost to amend poor soils.
  • Plant your flowers in widely spaced rows, like in a traditional vegetable garden, for easy access for fertilizing, watering, weeding, and, of course, harvesting.
  • For the best performance, a slow release fertilizer is recommended at the beginning of the growing season.
  • Feel free to mix and match colours, forms and varieties. But do group flowers together with the same growing conditions, i.e sun, soil, water for the easy maintenance.
  • Plan your cutting garden for continuous blooms. Stagger your planting of each flower variety so the blooms don’t all appear and disappear at once.
  • Tall plants should be planted so that they don’t shade shorter varieties.
  • Use mulch around plants to help keep soil moist and keep nutrients in.
  • Pick flowers often; the more you pick, the more flowers the plant will produce!
  • Remove faded flowers to prevent them from forming seeds, which slows down flower production.
  • Check for pests and disease regularly and handle accordingly.
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Best Flowers and Plants for A Cutting Garden:

There are many flowers that are suitable for a cutting garden, but long-stemmed flowers are the best choice. Include some foliage plants in your garden for use as fillers and to add texture to your floral arrangements.

Enjoy your cutting garden and don’t forget to use flower food to keep your cut flowers fresher longer!

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