It’s Gladiolus Season!

One of the many flowers that is currently in bloom in August is the lovely gladiolus or sword lily, as it is sometimes called. In fact, gladiolus is known as August’s flower. The gladiolus is beloved for its clusters of big, beautiful flowers and elegant sword-like foliage that grow on long, thick stems. Flowers come in just about every colour imaginable, except for blue; some are even bi-coloured.

Not only do they look visually stunning in the garden, they make wonderful, long lasting cut flowers! Gladioli, which symbolizes faithfulness, honour and character, are traditionally used in funeral arrangements. But today, these beautiful flowers are also used in everyday arrangements. Look for them at your local florist! Be sure to cut off 1-3 inches off tip of the stalk to encourage the buds to bloom.

Here are some of gorgeous gladioli images to feast your eyes on:


Photo Credit: Flickr user, lkayama

gladiolus, pink

Photo Credit: Flickr user, zane hollingsworth

orange and yellow gladiolus

Photo Credit: Flickr user, Petr Kosina

white gladiolus flower

Photo Credit: Flickr user, Sericea

gladiolus, pink

Photo Credit: Flickr user, Kew on Flickr

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6 Responses to It’s Gladiolus Season!

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  2. silver price says:

    Gladioli have been extensively hybridized and a wide range of ornamental flower colours are available from the many varieties. The main hybrid groups have been obtained by crossing between four or five species, followed by selection: Grandiflorus, Primulines and Nanus. They make very good cut flowers.


  3. Old Fart says:

    Have few plots with WHITE ones only …Beautiful


  4. Mona says:



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