Fun Flower Facts: Hosta

HostaHosta, also known as plantain lily, is a genus of about 40 plants native to Eastern Asia.

It is a flowering plant, producing spikes of lily-like flowers in lavender or white, but it is more valued for its attractive, showy foliage. Hostas can be found in a variety of colours, including: green, blue-green, and yellow, with many varieties being variegated. Leaves also come in a variety of shapes and sizing, ranging from heart-shaped leaves to sword shaped. The flowering period is from July to August. Plants can grow to be 6 inches to 3 feet in height.

Hosta is one of those plants that can be found in just about every garden! It is a hardy perennial that loves the shade and does best in cool conditions. As the foliage colour tend to fade if exposed to too much sun, hosta is usually planted underneath shrubs and trees as borders. They can also be used as a groundcover. They are easy to grow and can tolerate just about any soil, but does best in moist, fertile, well-drained soil. Space plants about 2 feet apart. Water and fertilize regularly to promote lush, green foliage. Deadhead faded blooms. Divide clumps late in the spring.

The only issue is that hostas can be prone to slugs. But not to worry! Here are some natural ways to get rid of those pests.

Hosta leaves are popular fillers for floral arrangements. They are versatile and easy to work with.

Climate Zones: 3-9

Fun Flower Facts about the Hosta:

  • Hostas are named after Dr. Nicholaus Host, a physician to the emperor of Austria.
  • Hostas are edible and some varieties are grown as a leaf vegetable and are especially popular in Japanese cuisine.

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5 Responses to Fun Flower Facts: Hosta

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  2. Akon Belly says:

    I really like your post, Thanks for sharing it.


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  4. Lena B. Henson says:

    This year is my first attempt at starting Hosta seeds. (These were wintersown outdoors in containers, so I may technically be on the wrong forum, but I figure seedlings are seedlings so somebody here may be able to help.) I have a few things sprouting in my containers, but I’m sure some of them are invaders that look suspiciously like grass, LOL. I noticed a few more things today that each looked like a small single root, but growing out sideways on top of the soil. I suspect these might be from hosta seeds that didn’t get covered well by the soil. Does anyone have pictures of brand new seedlings, just as they are sprouting from the seeds? I’ve found alot of pictures of young hosta plants with their leaves, but none that show what they look like just as they are sprouting from the seed. If anybody has some, could you post pictures? Thanks!


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