Guest Post: Top UK Autumn and Winter Flowering Plants

Today, you are in for a treat! It is the first time we have featured a guest blog post on! As some of you know, we have been writing our own blog posts about flowers and plants for the past few years. So we were extremely excited when someone across the pond contacted us about wanting to write a guest post!  Hope you enjoy this blog post as much as we have reading it!

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Summer has almost left us now and that chill has crept back into the air. Soon the leaves will begin to fall and our gardens will begin to look a little less happy than they have during the warmer weather. Don’t despair though! There are still loads of plants that flower across autumn and winter to brighten up your flower beds. But what to plant?

Have you heard of the ‘hardiness zones’? There are 11 of them, and these zones are based on the average minimum annual temperature across areas in different parts of the world. We are fairly high up, with most of the UK falling into zones 7 and 8, and some southern areas and parts of the coast falling into zone 9. These zones can help you choose the plants that will grow best where you are.

Here are some top ideas to give you a little inspiration:


beautiful pink dahlia flower

Photo Credit: Flickr user, Eric Hunt

While they start to flower in summer, dahlias look their best during August and right through September. They come in a variety of exciting colours and the flowers are quite big, with some varieties reaching up to 12 inches in diameter. These showy flowers fill any gaps  in the garden left by dying plants well and will make your garden hold its summery look for longer.

Begonia plantBegonia

Perfect for hanging baskets, begonias are beautiful flowers that stay for a long time, starting in summer and lasting or blooming right up until the frosts start. They have a beautiful ‘country cottage’ feel about them and some varieties are more scented too, so you can pop them near doors or in window boxes so you will be able to enjoy them more.

Snowdrops (Galanthus)

Snowdrop bloomsAs the name suggests, these classic flowers do best in colder climates and tend to be seen in winter. Don’t let its dainty flowers fool you, these flowers are hardy and can bloom through a blanket of snow! Snowdrops, which are native to many parts of the UK, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years! Some bulbs can set buyers back a staggering amount of money. 

Winter Aconite (Eranthis)


Photo Credit: Flickr, Deanster1983

A bright, buttercup-coloured flower, the winter aconite is definitely one for the gardener who wants to hang onto summer. They grow well in shady, moist areas, and would be very ‘at home’ underneath trees and the like. They do tend to be quite boisterous and will grow quite wildly, filling space during the cold months that would otherwise have been sat empty and alone, before dying back in spring.


Autumn crocuses, naked ladies, colchicumWhile crocuses can easily be ruined by wet weather, crocuses are perhaps one of the most well-known autumn flowers. They flower before their leaves develop properly, giving you a burst of colour from quite early on. Again, these thrive when planted beneath trees, which offer a little shelter and respite from the harsh weather so they can be appreciated and not left bedraggled.

CyclamenPotted Cyclamen from Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers

A few varieties of cyclamen survive well across autumn and winter, particularly the Cyclamen Hederifolium. They form a carpet of colour in your flower bed, with pink and white blossoms and silvery leaves, bringing autumn to your garden gracefully and fitting nicely with a winter colour scheme, while surviving the harsh cold. Cyclamen is another bulb that likes to live under trees for a bit of shade.

About the Author

This post was written by Layla Grant on behalf of Fineflora. Delivering luxury bouquets and flowers across the UK and internationally. 

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