Radio-Treated Water the Answer to Global Warming?

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With all the climate changes and weird weather we’ve been having in recent years, global warming is a serious matter and environmentalists and scientists have been working endlessly to find some solutions.

Irish professors at the University of Limerick believes they have found a way to increase the size and production of vegetable crops and bedding plants by up to 30%, while reducing global warming, with nothing more than some water!

But how is that possible? The answer lies in a “groundbreaking technology” in the form of radio-wave treated water. This water treatment called Vi-Aqua, meaning “life water,” was developed by Professors Austin Darragh and Dr JJ Leahy, converts volts of electricity into a radio signal to charge the water.

Professor Darragh explains, “Vi-Aqua makes water wetter and introduces atmospheric nitrogen into the water in the form of nitrates – so it is free fertiliser. It also produces the miracle of rejuvenating the soil by invigorating soil-based micro-organisms.”

It addresses global warming by reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides, as well as converting the excess carbon dioxide into edible plant mass. Early experiments have shown that Vi-Aqua make bedding plants hardier and tougher. As well, they seem to require less fertilizer than regular, untreated plants.

Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps! Since the original article was published a couple of weeks ago, this controversial technology has caught the attention of many skeptics. Various media outlets, including blogs and online forums, have expressed their concerns about the validity of the research and the effectiveness of the technology. Skeptics have pointed that the claims are exaggerated with no supporting evidence from scientific papers, the technology is not new, Vi-Aqua is a scam and is not science.

What do you think of this technology? Leave us a comment!

Original News Sources: (a major Irish newspaper)

Other views on the technology:,, Doubtful News, Reddit

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