Weird & Unusual: Bat Face Cuphea

Now that it is October, here at Fun Flower Facts Flower Blog, we can’t help but think about Halloween-themed flowers, like this “Bat Face Cuphea.”

Cuphea llavea- Bat Faced Cuphea

Photo Credit: Flickr, Tracy Rowan

Bat Face Cuphea (Cuphea lluvea) is a mounding perennial shrub native to Mexico that is cultivated for its masses of bright red tubular flowers with dark purple centers that resemble a bat’s face (hence the nickname). The plant will grow to 1-2 feet tall. The evergreen leaves are lance-shaped and hairy.

Bat face Cuphea will add a splash of long-lasting colour to your garden, while attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. As this plant is native to Mexico, it thrives in hot climates. With little care and maintenance, this heat and drought tolerant plant will bloom profusely from spring until fall. Bat Face Cuphea would be perfect for borders, hanging baskets and containers.

Plant in full sun to partial shade in fertile soil. Space them out about 1-2 feet apart, as they are known to sprawl. Water regularly, at least once a week and deadhead to encourage new blooms. Fertilize in mid-summer and again in early fall. Cut the plant back if it gets too leggy. Aphids and white flies can become a problem, along with powdery mildew.

Climate Zones: 8-11

Other Common Names: Peter’s Plant, Cigar Plant, Bunny Ears

Can you see the “bat face?” Leave us a comment!

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