Chrysanthemum Varieties

Fall isn’t fall without the sight of those bright and colourful flowers that grow in containers and in our gardens that we call chrysanthemums (or mums for short)! The chrysanthemum is one of the most popular flowers in the world, most likely due to the fact that they are hardy, long-lasting and easy to care for. And the beauty of it all is that chrysanthemums come in a large variety of colours, sizes and forms. There are endless number of cultivars available, as growers are constantly creating new flowers each year. There is something for everyone!

Here are some of the different types of chrysanthemums that you are available:

Cushion: Compact, mound-forming plants that produce thick, cushiony single-headed flowers.

chrysanthemum plant

Disbud: One large, single head flower per stem. It is produced by removing all side buds in the early stages of growth. The average size of a disbud chrysanthem is 7-9 cm in diameter.

orange chrysanthemum

Pompom: A spray type of chrysanthemum, with each stem having several small pompom-like flowers.

Pompom ChrysanthemumDaisy/Single: a single bloom, daisy-like flower with petals radiating from an eye in the center.

white daisySpider Chrysanthemum: flowers with distinctive long, narrow petals that resemble spider legs.

spider mumSpoon: Flower petals are spoon-shaped at the ends.

Chrysanthemum Variety- Spoon

Photo Credit: Flickr, audreyjm529

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