Fun Flower Facts: Coreopsis (Tickseed)

Tickseed, CoreopsisNow that it is late fall, some of you, especially those living in cooler climates, may have been noticing the sun isn’t as out as much. The days have been shorter and cooler. So to brighten up your day, today’s blog post is about coreopsis, one of Mother Nature’s brightest and most cheerful flowers!

Coreopsis or Tickseed are known for their vibrant, daisy-like flowers. Flowers can be golden yellow, pale yellow, pink or bi-coloured. It is genus of perennial plants belonging in the Asteraceae family, which includes sunflowers, asters, and coneflowers. Many species are native to eastern North America. In the spring and summer, these vibrant flowers can be seen on roadsides, fields and gardens.

Plants range from 8 inches to 5 feet tall. Most species are 2-3 feet tall. After the flowering period, it produces small, dry fruits that look like bugs.

Coreopsis would be a lovely addition to any garden. They would be ideal for beds, borders, groundcovers and containers. Plant in masses for the best visual impact.

Not only will these sunny flowers add colour and beauty to the landscape, they will also attract bees and butterflies. They are easily grown from seed, drought tolerant, long blooming and carefree. Simply sow seeds in a sunny spot in the spring and watch nature work its magic! It can tolerate a variety of soils, as long as it is well-drained. It cannot stand waterlogged soils. Coreopsis are known to self-seed, so you will have blooms year after year! Deadhead to encourage new blooms.

And last but not least, coreopsis, with its long wiry stems, makes a fabulous cut flower.

Climate Zones: 3-9

Fun Flower Facts about Coreopsis (Tickseed):

  • The name Coreopsis comes from the Greek words, “koris” for bedbug and “opsis” for view, referring to the shape of the dry fruit of the plant.
  • The common name, tickseed, refers to the fact the seeds look like parasitic ticks! One end is spiny and the other end looks like a tiny head.
  • Since 1991, Coreopsis is the official state flower for Florida, USA. These flowers are used exclusively in Florida for roadside plantings and highway beautification programs.
  • In the Language of Flowers, coreopsis means “always cheerful.”


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