Flowers on the moon…

Not yet, but it’s coming!

Image Credit: NASA

Image Credit: NASA

In 2015 scientists are planning on sending some seeds to the moon to study the germination of plants in lunar gravity & radiation on the moon. They will be creating a self contained habitat and attempting to grow basil, turnips and arabidopsis (a small flowering weed from the mustard family).

Once the seeds have landed, water will be added and growth monitored and compared to controlled specimens on earth. They will be using the moons natural sunlight as a source of illumination for plant germination and the seeds will be receiving nutrients from a special filter paper.

Why the moon? Well, it’s the only place where both the effects of lunar gravity and lunar radiation on plant growth can be studied. And with the Google Lunar X-Prize in 2015 it will be easy to hitchhike a ride to the moon.

The long term reason for this study is to support human life on the moon. We know that plant life is essential to human life and if we can successfully grow plants on the moon then one day we humans will be able to work and live on the moon.

For a much more detailed account of this plan visit the Nasa website.

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