Plant Profile: Hepatica

Hepatica also known as Liverwort or Johnny Jump ups, is a delicate pretty wildflower native to Europe, Asia and North America.


A relative of the buttercup, hepatica is a petite yet showy, pretty flower that will grow in many conditions including deep shade woodlands, full sun grasslands, even rocky areas. It will grow in sandy soil or heavy clay soil but whatever it grows in it must have water and winter snowfall as a dry frost will kill it.

The flowers in this low growing plant are either pink, purple, blue, or white & may self seed in optimum conditions. Hepatica is a very early spring flowering plant and will come into bloom as early as March.

Hepatica was once thought to be an effective treatment for liver disorders. But you should know it is poisonous in large doses. You can however use the leaves as an astringent.

Suitable for Climate Zones 3-8


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