Guest Post: Innovative Birthday Floral Arrangements

Flowers are an excellent gift to make a certain someone feel special. Are you interested in offering your friends or folks flowers on their birthday? The type of flower or arrangement you should choose can be based on various criteria such as individuality, sex, or age.


Beautiful arrangement of diligent flowers for the lady:

Traditionally, floral bouquets have always been presented to females. Whilst choosing flowers yourselves, you should focus on her choices and try implementing different styles using the flowers she enjoys. For younger girls, a flower container with stuffed animals would be a great surprise. For young and elegant women, create a colourful flower design by collaborating it with brilliant blooms, such as Roses or Lilies. For women who prefer tranquil and blissful lifestyle, subdued hues as well as cooler colours would be compatible.

Floral arrangement in the form of bouquet for men:

Women are not the only entity that is awestruck by blossoms. While creating a floral arrangement for men, use a de-saturated colour to symbolize the manliness in men. By collaborating light colour such as glowing blue, white and other eco-friendly colours a cool coloration effect can be created which is more suitable for men.

Floral arrangement of blooms for the kids:

Children are much more attracted to bright and multi-coloured arrangements, hence a blend of flower gourmet gift baskets with a variety of foliage and blossoms. You can consider adding playthings like balloons to make them happy.


You can also consider selecting a birthday arrangement as per the month your recipient was born. Below are innovative ideas to gift flowers as per the month in a year:

  • January: Carnation – a feathered and multi layered flower that has soft and silky petals. It is one of the longest lasting blossoms as its core is concealed in a strong structure.
  • February: Iris – a beautiful flower frequently associated with anniversaries. They symbolize hope, wisdom and faith. The Iris is available in purple, yellow, white and blue.
  • March: The Daffodil – radiates new hope and life with its warm and cheerful hue.
  • April: The Daisy – correlates innocence, childhood and playfulness. It captures the wide and lively array of happy colours of the spring season.
  • May: Lily – so versatile that every individual breed signifies different meanings like lily of the valley for humility and Madonna lily for virtuosity.
  • June: The people born in June are fortunate to have Rose as their birth flower. It is one of the most coveted flowers and epitomizes love, beauty and passion.
  • July: Delphinium – shaped like a dolphin, is used in a variety of vase and bouquet arrangements.
  • August: Gladiola – symbolizes inner strength and integrity. It comes in a variety of pastel colours like lavender, pink and white.
  • September: Aster – it’s traditionally believed that the aster is a magical flower that wards off evil spirits. Nowadays, it is used as ornamental amulets to invite love.
  • October: Marigold – comes in a variety of autumn hues. It conveys the message of grace, affection and love.
  • November: Chrysanthemum – symbolizes optimism and perfection. In ancient cultures it was used for noble purposes, such as Confucius avowing its usage for meditation.
  • December: Poinsettia – a classic symbol of jubilation and good cheer.

We Hope you found this guide helpful!

Author Bio: Chris, a blogger and a florist who sells beautiful birthday flowers over London is keen to share this post so that his readers could gift a perfect floral arrangement to their friends or folks.

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