Guest Post: How to take care of indoor plants and flowers

Having plants at home is a wonderful way to bring beautiful nature indoors and create a lovely and more relaxed environment. Indoor plants and flowers give a beautiful vibe to the home and suit absolutely every interior. Placing pots of flowers is the best way to decorate every room in your house or apartment and give the place an attractive charm. However, as living organisms, plants need to be taken good care of in order to survive. They have to be provided with the needed care, so that they look beautiful in your home. Here are our tips on how to maintain great indoor plants and flowers, making your place look much better.

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Know Your Plants

There really are many types of plants and flowers that you can grow indoors. The list is so big, you can surely find many plants that you would love to have at home. When you have decided which type of plants you want to grow, make sure you know everything about them, in order to be able to take good care of them. All plants and flowers need sunlight and they need to be watered. However, it really depends on the exact type of the plant how much water and sunlight it needs to grow healthily. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you know your plants well. Some flowers thrive with indirect light and moist soil, while others require direct light and drier soil. It completely depends on the type of plant. Make sure you choose plants for your home that you can provide with the necessary conditions for it to grow.


Of course, every plant needs to be watered regularly. However, keep in mind that you should not over-water them, since most house plants can be killed by this. Meanwhile, make sure you provide them with enough water, so that they don’t dry out and thus die. If you are not sure if your plants and flowers are watered enough, you can push your finger into the compost to check how moist it is. If it feels dry, most probably it needs more water. To water your plants properly, you can either do it from above or pour enough water in the saucers, allowing them to extract as much water as they need. In any case, the pots have to be placed on saucers, to allow excess water drain. In general, most plants have to be watered more often in the spring and summer than in the winter. Usually, you can use tap water for most plants. However, be careful about carnivorous plants, since they can be a bit more fussy about it.


There are many plants that don’t need feeding to grow. However, flowering plants usually require to be fed once a week. You can add a couple of granules of fertiliser to the compost, but make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, so that you don’t overfeed your plants.


As anything else within your house, plants have to be cleaned regularly too. If there are dry leaves, remove them to allow the new once grow easier. Then use a spray bottle to make the leaves wet and wipe them away with a clean dry cloth. Avoid very cold water, otherwise it might leave spots on the leaves. There are some house plants, usually such with bristly leaves, that collect dust very quickly and build up grime. Such plants can be cleaned with a toothbrush. An example are African violets. Also, don’t forget to clean the saucer regularly. It’s normal for it to get dirty very quickly. Don’t allow excess water that has drained away in the saucer to remain for too long, otherwise it can develop bacteria that can damage your plant.

Spray Against Pests

If one of your plants is affected by pests, the issue can fast spread to the other plants as well. Make sure you take preventative actions and spray your plants with a special detergent against pests.

Author Bio: Silvia Marks is blogger who loves to write about flowers and home improvement. She runs Best Cleaners London and she reads a lot about home decorating. Taking care of your plants is very important as experts from Best Cleaners London suggest. Flowers will bring colour and joy to your home if you do it right. A clean and bright look will always suit your interior.


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