Guest Post: Flowers and Art in Decoration

If you have decided to make significant changes in your home, by adding some decorations you can think about creative ideas and give your home a fresh and bright airy feel. Nowadays there are thousands of ideas for innovative decorations, some of them more sophisticated and others easier to create. To decorate your home you do not be a professional decorator, the only thing to do is to have the right ideas and materials in order to give your home that new and exciting appearance.

marilyn-monroe rose

Flowers and art in decoration are widespread and commonly used, as flowers always give a pleasant atmosphere and art is considered a necessary addition to almost every room. The combination of flowers and art remains a traditional one, especially if you are a fan of decorations that provoke your imagination and create a certain feel.


If you want to bring a real natural beauty to your home, flowers are exactly what you need because they can set any kind of decorative tone.

If you prefer DIY projects you can immediately start by picking up some flowers from your favourite garden and think about how to arrange them. If you want to create decoration in a room that is more vast, try to look for bigger flowers with more sparkling colours. Of course take into account the colours of the room as well, because they should be complimentary. Find at least 5 flowers that suit the atmosphere and cut their ends so that they would be absolutely equal in height.

Now, you need to find the perfect vessel. It is as essential as the flowers themselves. If you really want to put a focus on the flowers, choose a glass vase, or one that will contrast with the colour of the flowers. If you possess a round table that is placed at the center of the room, it is the most appropriate place for your new decoration. If the room is not so spacious you can buy a tiny table on which you can place the lovely blooms.



Art will always remain an exquisite addition to every respected home and that is why it is preferred by many people who want to make some updates to their homes. If art is your hidden passion you can explore the dimensions of your imagination and pick up the most suitable picture for your home.

If you prefer the bohemian style, with leather furniture and and enormous sofas we advise you to choose a piece of contemporary art and to place it in front of your favourite sofa. That way you and your guests will have an interesting theme to discuss, while enjoying the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Do not put too many pictures in the room, because people cannot focus their attention on one particular picture and often forget to look at them at all, which is not the purpose of decoration.

The frame of the picture should also be taken into account, because it often changes the whole appearance of the picture. If there are tiny elements of the picture or some other details you want to highlight you can pick up more visible frame, with a colour that suits the decoration of the whole room.

Cleaning is an essential practice for every home. For flowers you can use a wet and clean towel, but be careful not to damage their surface. Pictures in your room are also often covered with dust, especially if they have massive frames on them. For that reason you should use a clean wet cloth to make them look bright and shiny.

Author Bio: Silvia Marks is blogger who loves to write about flowers and home improvement. She runs Best Cleaners London and she reads a lot about home decorating.  Flowers will bring colour and joy to your home if you do it right. A clean and bright look will always suit your interior.

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