Guest Post: Best Oxygen-Producing Indoor Plants

Depending on the type of home you have, you may greatly benefit from some great plant life around it. A lot of plants can be great at filtering toxins, such as toluene, xylene and formaldehyde among others, allowing you to keep your air free of them. They can not only produce a lot of oxygen, cleaning your air, but it can also be a wonderful weapon against depression. The following plants will make your home a much better place with a little bit of work:

Jade PlantJade Plant by Grower Direct
also known as the Money Tree is a gorgeous plant that needs small amounts of water. It can tolerate a bit of shade, it can survive for up to a whole month without being watered. Under the right conditions, the jade plant can grow wonderful pink or white leaves.


• As one of the most elegant plants out there,the Peace lily,
has gorgeous white flowers with dark, long leaves. It requires a controlled amount of sunlight to survive, so if you see any yellowing in the leaves, this means they have seen far too much light. The plant will thrive best when it’s about six feet from a window. If you see the leaves droop, it may need some more water, just remember to keep the soil dry before you dry. Keep in mind that peace lilies are extremely toxic to cats, causing kidney failure if they happen to eat them.

African violetsAfrican Violet by Grower Direct
are also a wonderful solution, as they are extremely easy to maintain. You should use a long-spouted watering can so you won’t spread cold water on the sensitive flower petals. They should also be watered with room-temperature water or warmer water.

is another lovely plant with heart-shaped leaves. It will thrive next to a window, but they can only survive on lower levels of sunlight. Thankfully, they are strong and sturdy so you have little to worry about.

Cast iron plantscast-iron-plant
are truly amazing, as their name implies, since they can survive in a wide variety of conditions. It will work in any room you put it, where it will live quietly without any trouble at all.

Zebra plants
Zebra plants are also a good type of plant you can keep around your bedroom or other places, as long as you remember that it only thrives in indirect sunlight. You will need to mist them a couple of times a week or whenever you see the leaves drooping and this should be enough to keep them alive.



• One of the greatest plants at converting CO2 at night, Mother-in-law’s Tongue. Mother-in-law’s Tongue happens to be an excellent choice for toxin removal from any home. It does prefer a good bit of sunlight, so you will neemotherinlawtongued to ensure it you give it enough. You should never water it too much, since it will only hurt the plant.





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