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10 Spring Flower Tips

Spring is almost here! The sun is shining and the snow is melting! Fresh cut spring flowers in your home will help usher in the new season and tide you over until the grass is green. “Spring is natures way … Continue reading

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How to Pick the Freshest Flowers for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And being the romantic and caring person that you are, you want to give your Valentine some beautiful flowers this February 14th. Although you can simply and conveniently order flowers online or even … Continue reading

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Cut Flower Care – Dispelling the Myths!

There is a whole lot of misleading information out there regarding cut flower care. Doing a quick online search on “ways to keep flowers fresher longer,” results in countless old wives tales or “homemade solutions.”As tempting as it is to … Continue reading

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Pussy Willows Go Global

I often think of “Pussy Willows” as the first sign of spring. This year the little kitten, lost their mittens and are late-blooming! Before the male catkins of these species come into full flower they are covered in fine, greyish … Continue reading

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Do You Have Change for a Tulip?

It’s a good thing we are not living in 17th century Holland, as the tulip was considered a true exotic and was used as currency during the era known as “tulipomania.” In the 21st century, the tulip is still highly … Continue reading

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Flowers like cooler temperatures, we do not.

Have you ever wondered what happens next to a flower that is basking in the sun and getting a little R & R and then…  At harvest time the stems are cut and then quick chilled, ( sort of like … Continue reading

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Looking for practical information about cut flower care?

Although many websites claim to know how to look after fresh cut flowers in your home, it has been my experience over the years that few understand the process. In fact, in many cases they are simply posting information they … Continue reading

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